Show Information and Updates


Only undocked and legally docked dogs may be entered for exhibition at this show.

The scale of entry fees and charges applicable at the 2019 show is as shown below: -

1st entry per exhibit for breeds with CCs, Veteran and Champion Stakes
 On or before Monday 15th July£28.00
 From Tuesday 16th July until final closing of entries£30.00
1st entry per exhibit for breeds without CCs, Any Variety Not Seperately Classified, Any Variety Import Register
 On or before Monday 15th July£15.00
 From Tuesday 16th July until final closing of entries£17.00
Not For Competition (NFC)
 On or before Monday 15th July£13.50
 From Tuesday 16th July until final closing of entries£15.50
Each subsequent entry with same exhibit£5.00
Exhibitor car parking
 Paid with entry fees£6.00
 Paid on arrival at show ground£10.00
Catalogues (prepaid only*) to be collected by 11.00 AM on the respective day
 Group catalogue£6.00
 Day catalogue£8.00
Caravans/motor homes/tents
 Paid with entry fees£50.00
 Paid on arrival at show ground subject to availability of space£60.00
Public car parking£10.00
Public admissionFree
* Members and visitors to the show may pre-purchase catalogues for collection on arrival at the show either by ordering them online, prior to the final closing of entries using their account, or by making written application (including pre-payment) to the Honorary Secretary no less than 21 days prior to the first day of the show.

Exhibitors are reminded that once entries have been accepted the fees paid are non-refundable and requests for refunds will only be considered if submitted in writing, together with a supporting medical or veterinary certificate, to the Secretary PRIOR to the show.

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