Show Information and Updates


Members of the public are admitted free of charge.

Members of the public travelling in their own vehicle are advised that there is a charge of £10.00 per vehicle for use of the public car park.

Members of the public accompanied by children and minors under the age of sixteen are asked to ensure that they remain under close supervision and adult control at all times whilst on the showground.

Members of the public may bring their own dogs onto the show provided they are: -

  • Aged 4 months and over
  • Agree to pay an "Unentered Dog Fee" of £5.00 per dog
  • Agree to keep their dogs under control at all times whilst on the show ground.

Visitors to the show are advised that catalogues are sold on a pre-paid basis and cannnot be purchased on the show ground until unclaimed catalogues become available from 11 AM onwards on the relevant day of the show.

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