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Vet checks - has complacency bred contempt?

The Officers and Committee of the Richmond Dog Show Society are aware of a posting entitled "Vet checks – has complacency bred contempt?" on an internet blog site maintained by Ms. Jemima Harrison.

The posting contains an allegation, on the basis of photographs provided by an individual who has chosen to remain anonymous, that the veterinary check carried out by the Society's appointed veterinary surgeon for the Neapolitan Mastiff awarded best of breed at Richmond Championship Dog Show on Saturday, 6th September 2014 was carried out in a manner that did not accord with Kennel Club Guidelines for the conduct of such checks.

The Officers and Committee of Richmond Dog Society have completed an investigation of the basis on which the allegation has been made and now publish their findings with regard to the chronology of events which are as follows: -

  1. The veterinary check on the Neapolitan Mastiff awarded Best of Breed was completed prior to the earliest time recorded (14.15.41) on the photographs posted to the internet blog site maintained by Ms. Harrison.
  2. The best of breed Neapolitan Mastiff was escorted to the examination area following completion of the judging of the breed where there was a delay of approximately 5 minutes prior to commencement of the examination.
  3. The veterinary surgeon making the examination firstly conducted a detailed physical examination within the facility provided for this purpose to ensure that the examination was carried out in as confidential a manner as possible.
  4. Following completion of the initial physical examination the exhibit was then taken outside where its movement was assessed in a manner which was both appropriate and thorough.
  5. On completion of the second part of the examination both the veterinary surgeon and handler of the exhibit returned to the privacy of the area where the initial physical examination had been undertaken in order to complete the necessary documentation as portrayed in the photograph timed at 14.15.41.
  6. On completion of the supporting documentation the handler of the exhibit then stepped outside and walked away from the area holding his copy of the documentation as shown in the photograph, timed at 14.17.37.
  7. The Officers and Committee are able to provide witness evidence corroborating that the veterinary examination was completed prior to 14.15.41 and that the examination was undertaken in compliance with the Kennel Club Guidelines for such examinations.

On the basis of these investigations the Officers and Committee of the Richmond Dog Show Society are satisfied that the allegation made on the internet blog site maintained by Ms. Harrison is unfounded and as such is based on a selective and misleading portrayal of photographic evidence.

The Officers and Committee would also remind all competitors, journalists and any other visitors attending events organised by the Richmond Dog Show Society that no filming, photography or other form of recording may take place without the express written permission of the organisers. Any individual or organisation found to be disregarding this condition of attendance at the Society's events will be refused entry at subsequent events.

Posted: Wednesday 17th, September 2014 Time: 09:41:52 pm